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Us Day 16

Hey, Volunteers

Stay Tuned.

New chance for spreading positive impact is
around the corner !.

Be Us !

Be proactive !

Go Group !

Enlarge your positive !

Do Idea !

It's time to change !

The largest Saudi student festival in America aims to unite the efforts of hundreds of Saudi volunteers for a single goal in order to make the greatest positive impact.

A yearly conference aims to enrich the volunteering and social thought for active volunteers through workshops and specialized lectures given by experts in the field of volunteerism.

A database that provides volunteering opportunities for Saudi students in various fields throughout the year in several activities and institutions with requirements and a variety of skills.

A competitive program, encouraging Arab residents in USA to ensure them a distinctive active visible in the community and a codified classification for their skills and achievements.

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About Us to U.S

Us to U.S, a voluntary work organization, is an affiliate of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States. Us to U.S is looking for positive change through embracing an effective & positive personality.

Our values are part of our core work. They guide the way we work with our organization and partners within USA community and among our volunteers.

Through collaboration, commitment, positivity, proactiveness, productivity, professionalism, we will achieve a favorable social impact.